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Founded in 1988 in Tehran, The Film Producers Guild of Iran (henceforth referred to as the FPG) is a purely industrial, independent, non-political Iranian film organization protecting the interests of Iranian producers and promoting professional film production in Iran. The FPG represents over 200 Iranian producers, the majority of which are the most experienced and well-respected professionals of the industry.

The Iranian cinema, having a century-old history, is world-renowned for winning the most precious movie awards, specifically the Oscar and the Golden Globe for “A Separation” (Asghar Farhadi) and the Palm d’Or for “Taste of Cherry” (Abbas Kiarostami). This marvelous track record makes the Iranian cinema a suitable partner in successful international co-productions of independent films as well as lucrative ones.

The FPG aims at establishing and accelerating a dynamic and thriving film industry in the Middle East, seeks co-production partnership with distinguished film (and TV) production companies around the globe in order to make profitable feature films in English language with international film professionals.

fpg Producers Guild of Iran's Cinema


Mission Statement

The FPG protects the interests of all its producer members, and promotes the religious, cultural, historical and social values of the region. It also assists non-Iranian companies through all stages of film production in Iran.

Our principal aims are:

  1. Developing the Iranian cinema based on new standards of the film industry in order to pave the way for international film co-productions
  2. Providing Iranian governmental bodies with consultation and offering expert advice in the areas of regulations and guidelines, audit and arbitrations
  3. Implementing various programs to attract investment of private sector in national film industry
  4. Securing investment in all parts of Iranian film industry, in compliance with the rules and regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran
  5. Protecting the producers’ ownership rights within the framework of civic laws and development of conditions for production and release of Iranian films and related products, both nationally and internationally,
  6. Increasing the level of expertise of the members and helping talents meet modern scientific and experiential standards,
  7. Promoting and publicizing the exchange of creditable information and news among the film industry individuals, specifically producers,
  8. Supporting and preserving produced films of the members in arenas of film release and distribution,
  9. Providing the needs of the FPG members in cases of guild-related issues, welfare and services,
  10. Effectively participation of the FPG and its members in international film industry and the relevant international communities,
  11. Providing the FPG and its members with the opportunity to express the attitudes and opinions in regards to relevant areas of national film industry,
  12. Affiliating with film companies and studios in the Middle East, the U.S., and the British Commonwealth,
  13. Paving the way for the FPG members to cooperate with international film companies and studios,



  1. President: Zia Hashemi
  2. Vice President: Jamal Sadatian
  3. Inspectors: Mehdi Karampour, Tina Pakravan, Mohsen Shayanfar
  4. Treasurer: Mohammad Hossein Farahbakhsh



  • Pouran Derakhshandeh
  • Masoud Atyabi
  • Abdollah Alikhani
  • Saeed Soheili



  • Director of Membership: Farkhondeh Sanaei
  • Coordinator of Member Services: Alireza Mojtabaei
  • Manager of International Affairs: Tina Pakravan
  • Manager of Development Department: Hossein Hashemi


Contact us

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North Sohrevardi Ave.
Tehran 1568619561   Iran

Tel: (+9821) 88439129 - 88439173 - 88456723 - 88456731

Fax: (+9821) 88417159

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